Take photo that can be touched, refocused, and interact with!

Use your iPhone/iPod Touch to take photo that can be re-focused and interact with! Take photo that is alive, show a different perspective, and tell a different story with your tap2focus photo.



Just take photo with objects of different distances (near & far) by tapping on them. With Auto mode, you don't even need to tap on the Camera icon to snap! Just tap on your object, and it'll do the rest!


*New in v1.2* Smart anti-shake feature utilizes advance optical analytic technology to help you to automatically align your photos! Now, you can take tap2focus photo with confidence, and rest assured that the app can handle of aligning them for you to create the best effect!



Share it where and when you want to. We provide free hosting so that you can show others your photo online and easily share to Facebook/Twitter or embed in your own webpage. If you want to, you can even send the image as an attachment without uploading it to our server. We even provide a free viewer app so that everyone can view your tap2focus photo attachment!



Easily share and discover great tap2focus photo within the app by browsing photos shared by the Community and Weekly Picks of great tap2focus photo.



Capture the fun by combining multiple filters into a single tap2focus photo. Also be creative with the focuses by changing the subjects between tap. Look here, cat!


Animated GIF

Generate high quality animated gif file showing off your gorgeous tap2fous photo in an infinite loooooop.


Go Further

Introduced in the latest release, tap2focus now allows for editing. Do simple editing of your photo by deleting/moving point of focus. Or do advance editing by creating new composition with photos imported from you DSLR. Go as far as you wanted with your creativity, with tap2focus!


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