Service Terms of Use

Updated: 27 February 2013
Following are terms of use for using the tap2focus online services (Service) to share photo. You agree to our terms and conditions if you use the Service to share photo. Do not proceed to share photo on Service if you do not agree on the terms:


  1. You must be at least 13 years old.
  2. No photo of nude, pornographic, violent, hateful, unlawful, or copyright infringing material should be uploaded to the Service.
  3. Your photo uploaded will be hosted for 180 days. After that it will be deleted from the system anytime.
  4. All photo hosted will be available to the public, provided they know the URL of the photo. The Service does not provide private sharing of photo that would limit and authenticate the viewer.


  1. Your photo is yours. By uploading to the Service, you grant the Service a non-exclusive rights to host your photo on the Service. This includes implicit permission to be able to make copy (e.g. backup & caching) of photo for the purpose of hosting your photo.
  2. You are held responsible for the photo and text you uploaded through your own account.
  3. Service may show advertisement together with your photo. Usually as a banner advertisement in the same page that shows your photo. The advertisement will not indicate you or your photo is affiliate with or endorse it.


  1. Your email will be use by the Service only to contact you for matters related to your account. Your email will not be share with third party.
  2. Your password is hashed and salted before it goes into our database.
  3. The Service uses third party analytic services to gather anonymous traffic information and trends on the web page.

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